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The Ceremony Music Source : Martha's Vineyard
The Ceremony Music Source : Martha's Vineyard

Questions and Answers

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Q: I have no idea what decisions I have to make regarding actual musical selections for my ceremony?  Where do I start?

There are three main parts of the ceremony that require music: The Prelude, the Processional, and the Recessional.

The Prelude
This is the music played before the bride's entrance.  It encompasses “seating” music as well as piece(s) played for the seating of the family and the entrance of the wedding party (bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer).
It is usually unnecessary to select particular pieces for the seating music.  From your other selections the musicians will have a good idea of what is appropriate.  Of course you may request particular pieces if you'd like.

The pieces for the family and wedding party are also called “pre-processionals” because like the processional they actually accompany entrances.  For this reason they should be selected in conjunction with the processional (bride's entrance).  They are usually stately and in a major key.

The Processional
Since this is for the entrance of the bride it is the most important selection.  Some considerations include classic vs. modern and customary vs. unusual.  Many brides want traditional pieces such as the Canon in D, whereas some want a piece that will be unique to their wedding.

The Recessional
This is the piece played at the end of the ceremony.  It should be happy – a bit faster than the other pieces and definitely in a major key.  If you want to include something more modern or popular this is a good time to do it.

Some couples have sand ceremonies or other moments within their wedding ceremony that can benefit from additional music.  This is often a good time for a piece that inspires reflection.

Q: I'm hiring a wedding band for the reception.  They offered to provide musicians for the ceremony.  Why shouldn't I  do this and just deal with one music provider?

Sounds like a good idea. It is certainly easier to just use one music provider. The danger is that they may not provide the best musicians for your ceremony. Here is how it often works: Say you are working with a booking agent. The agent hires musicians for your reception. They are probably great at what they do (funk, disco, etc.). The potential problem arises when the agent has the trumpet player, for example, from the reception band play for your ceremony. There is nothing wrong with this if the trumpet player does a great job, but it's important for the client to know that she may not be getting a specialist. When using CMS you know you are getting musicians whose sole purpose on that day is to perform at your ceremony.

Q: Is it possible for us to request a specific piece or song that we would like to hear at our ceremony?

Yes.  We're happy to make arrangements for the instrumentation you've chosen.  Some pieces are not practical to arrange for solo instrumentalists.  In such cases we will either recommend an alternative selection or suggest adding an additional musician.

Q: May we preview the music before reserving the musicians?

The Repertoire page has many examples for you to listen to.  We've also provided links to orchestral samples.

Q: What kind of dress will the musicians wear to the event?

Vineyard weddings are usually not formal affairs.  However we will wear formal attire if requested.

Q: One of the bridesmaids would like to sing at the wedding. Can the musicians accompany her during the ceremony?

We are happy to accompany guests.  We will need to communicate with them directly to arrange a pre-ceremony rehearsal.  In some cases additional fees are necessary.

Q: Will you perform outside?

Of course most Martha's Vineyard weddings are outside.  Classical musicians do, however, often perform on valuable instruments that are sensitive to temperature, direct sunlight and humidity.  For this reason we need shade in certain situations.  Sometimes the environment influences the choice of instruments.  We're happy to discuss this with you.

Q: What kind of deposit do you require to book the musicians in advance?

To reserve the musicians in advance, a deposit of 50% is required.  This deposit is non-refundable within 90 days of the event.  The remaining balance must be paid unless the client cancels before the 30 days preceding the event. The final payment is required at least one week before the event.

Q: Do we need to provide anything for the musicians?

You only need to provide chairs for each musician.

Q: How do I decide how many musicians I need?

Please contact us to discuss this.  There are many factors in this decision.

The Ceremony Music Source : Martha's Vineyard